How to Succeed in Sex Thraldom Versus Extremely Looking to (step 1,780 terms) Comment-fic for eliade, prompt: John/Rodney–slavery slavery slavery Slavery

How to Succeed in Sex Thraldom Versus Extremely Looking to (step 1,780 terms) Comment-fic for eliade, prompt: John/Rodney–slavery slavery slavery Slavery

Cruising Altitude (2,116 conditions) It had been like drawing a line, try the thing: brand new range folks always planned to mark, with Kris on one hand and you may Adam on the other. (Adam/Kris/Tommy) Art: by katekat1010 (1)

Proof of the Contradiction (9,800 terms and conditions) Just what drawn very try the new sinking impression one McKay are handling the whole thing much better than he had been

This new Dark Front (7,676 conditions) „You’re not a great Jedi, could you be?” the fresh Sith Lord told you. „Oh, pardon me, I am good Jedi,” Rodney told you. Art: of the Cylin (1), from the into the-the-package (1), by the ravurian (1) Podfic: by general_jinjur

Wants Me personally Perhaps not (4,777 terms) It actually was only such an obvious train damage on and work out

However some Something Never ever End Are Funny (1,636 words) So it tale starts from the Madelyn’s They Stops Being Comedy On Dresses, requires new elective scenic channel with each other Bone’s Skirting the trouble, (each of you is to see earliest), and veers regarding and you can requires date Fukushima lady the medial side roadway in a different advice. Madelyn and Bones was indeed nice sufficient to allow me to play too. 🙂

The second Big date (509 terminology) Commentfic to own megolas, prompt: SGA, McKay/Sheppard. Inspiration: Every step we take that’s synchronized/Every broken bone/Reminds me personally of one’s next go out/That we implemented you family.-Placebo, Bitter-end

Zero Refunds Or Transfers (eleven,088 words) It must not was basically you to hard to get an excellent assist. Written on the Harlequin issue. Art: of the Livia (1) Podfic: of the standard_jinjur

Compassion (step 1,613 terms and conditions) John stared down on their hand, a tiny numbly, watching Rodney tie the latest much time fabric strap more and you can lower than their arms, binding them together. Podfic: by the deltacephei

Cannot Have one Without the Almost every other (3,225 words) „Ok,” John said, after they was indeed properly out from the ceremonial hallway. „This doesn’t go in the brand new purpose reports. We obvious?”

If There Be Thorns (3,012 words) It might not was indeed nothing, after all.Sequel in order to Julad’s Within the Flowers. (McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka)

  1. Viewpoints. Worried about the fresh new a great priori otherwise user friendly foundation of knowledge due to the fact separate of experience.
  2. Exceeding others; advanced.
  3. Beyond prominent consider otherwise sense.
  4. Math. Regarding or in accordance with a bona fide otherwise state-of-the-art number that’s not the root of any polynomial that has self-confident knowledge and you will mental coefficients.

spaces of ocean (595 words) Gen, Sheppard POV. You will find lingered throughout the compartments of your water Of the water-girls wreathed having seaweed yellow and you can brownTill human sounds wake us, and now we block.

Favorite (13,276 conditions) Arthur is actually tipped back resistant to the wall, their mouth area unlock to have breath and you will looking at the small arrow-slit windows more than Merlin’s head, trying to figure out how it could possibly end up being you to definitely a good with Merlin, of all of the anyone. Podfic: of the fleur_rochard

Brand new Top of one’s Summer Courtroom (24,773 terminology) „The queen sent us to enable you to get,” Merlin told you, with a shade you to definitely created highly which he was not going their attention where Arthur could see, but simply wait until his right back is actually turned. „The guy said you might be to get converted into authoritative clothing and you can fulfill your regarding the Great Hallway, there can be a great delegation from the Summer Judge.” Art: by the trolleys (step one, dos, 3, 4) Podfic: of the fayjay

Sweltering (1,085 terms) This new castle was sweltering from the midsummer temperatures, rocks breathing damply under the sun’s height when possibly the heavens lies still.

Injukyoshi (step 1,694 terms and conditions) Okay, so perhaps it had not been an educated tip so you can assault this new large tentacle beast. Podfic: by the tatsumaki

One Should Achieve the Sword (5,772 terms and conditions) Arthur had just started to score very annoyed, as opposed to the low-grade and you will long lasting Merlin-is-late-again frustration that for some reason been able to getting charming — as well as how exactly Merlin got addressed one, Arthur create obviously have preferred understand, primarily so he may figure out how to make use of it to your Uther. (preslash)

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